Types of Facelifts preferred in Beverly Hills CA

A facelift is a type of facial plastic surgery that improves noticeable signs of aging in the face and neck. It is also known as a rhytidectomy. The procedure gives you a youthful facial appearance,and it repeals the destructive effects of time, exposure to elements and stress. When performing this surgery, a cosmetic surgeon lifts and tenses the underlying muscles of the face to restoreits facial structure.

Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, an experienced plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, performs this procedure with an inventive eye and an astonishing attention to detail. The technique ensures that his patients end up with negligible scarring and a beautiful,natural-looking outcome. There are numerous types of facelifts, here are some of them.

The Deep Plane Faceliftqwewe

It is the go- to procedure for an individual with extreme facial sagging and laxity and also for those who desire a long- lasting lift.It entailsthe lifting, releasing and repositioning of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system, often with rhinoplasty correction to adjust entire face and make it appear more balanced. After skin tightening,fixing of the sagging muscles, and removal of extra fat pads, the cosmetic surgeon re-drapes the skin under no tension. In doing so, they allow you to have a natural look and minimize the strain on sutured areas so that the scars do not stretch.

The Mini Lift

It is a non-skin lifting process that is also known as the S-lift. The facelift is a temporary solution to the ageing of the face, and it handles the deeper tissues near the jaw line. It is the ideal option for a 35-year-old person who wants to freshen up the look on their face, neck and around the jaw line. One of its advantages is that it has minimal scarring.

Mid Face-Lift

These lifts focus on the middle area of your face and provide a slight freshening –up with minimum risk and downtime. Midface lifts enhance nose- to- mouth lines and boost sagging cheeks. To achieve a younger appearance Dr. Azizzadeh makes several tiny incisions along the hairline and in the mouth to lift and reposition the fatty tissue layers. The recovery time is short, and the surgical process leaves no scars.

If you are thinking about getting any facial plastic surgery, it is vital to have reasonable expectations. You can consult your cosmetic surgeon toconverse about the goals for the procedure and explore the available options. Moreover, ensure you seek a surgeon who has a high level of expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery so that you are content with the outcome.

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